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Vivek Dugar Director

Vivek is a co-founder and director of WeAct. He has worked in the field of climate change and has been developing emission reduction projects for the past 15 years. With experience in forestry, renewable energy, energy efficiency and other carbon abatement projects, he has been involved in over one hundred CDM projects and has worked on projects in more than twenty countries across the world. Vivek holds a Masters of Finance from Monash University.


Satish Reddy Duvvuru Director

Satish is a co-founder and director of WeAct. His passion towards nature and the environment has driven him to work on climate change. Over the past 10 years he has worked on renewable energy, methane recovery and other sustainable development projects. He is currently involved in developing afforestation projects which will convert thousands of hectares of barren land into self sufficient organic farms. Satish holds a Bachelors of Engineering degree from Andhra University.


Lloyd Vas Head of Carbon Trading

Lloyd has been trading carbon since 2008. His career goal is to help build the global carbon market by being directly responsible for the investment in and trading of over one hundred million tonnes of carbon. Prior to joining WeAct, Lloyd was a founder and general manager of Carbon Market Institute in Melbourne and prior to that he worked on the carbon trading desk of Camco Clean Energy in London and Beijing. Lloyd holds a Masters of Finance from Aston Business School.


Tim MurphyPNG Country Manager

Tim is our Australia / PNG Projects Manager. He has over 15 years in carbon modelling, environmental management and forest research roles, is a Forester with a Master’s degree in carbon sequestration and is passionate about sustainable community development. Tim is responsible for our Australian-based Emissions Reduction Fund projects and is our go-to expert on the Plantations Methodology as well as the FullCAM carbon model. Tim is responsible for developing our portfolio of projects in Papua New Guinea.


Jenine de WetSouth Africa Country Manager

Jenine is our country manager in South Africa. She has a diverse background in various industries with a proven track record as a result-oriented achiever with excellent analytical skills. She has in-depth understanding of business operations and customer service management. Her career goal is to support Southern African businesses in achieving sustainability and positive socioeconomic impact through emission reduction projects. Jenine has diplomas in international trade and logistics and supply chain management.


Andrés Molina LiévanoColombia Country Manager

Andrés is our Colombia country manager, he start as a wood trader until he concerns about sustainable development he change his career goals, for the past 10 years he have research the international forestry and timber market, focusing in the green business development, his dreams are the strengthen of the Latin American carbon markets and international business development platform focusing the entrepreneurial initiatives of the sustainable goods provided by the communities located in REDD + projects. Prior to Joining WeAct, Andrés worked in business development junior roles in the construction sector and commodities trading, having good relations with the public sector in the Colombian government. He holds an economics bachelor degree from the National University of Colombia.


Deepjyoti BorahSenior Advisor

Deep is an experienced professional in Climate Change & Sustainability Services, with over 11 years of work experience in Carbon Market. While joining WeAct, he brings his international expertise and credentials of more than hundred GHG projects, millions of carbon-credit transactions and a series of Social and Corporate Sustainability assignments. His technical expertise of amalgamating carbon projects with sustainability attributes helps investors achieving premium carbon credits under international platforms like Gold Standard. Renewable Technologies, Core Industrial Projects, Community Based Interventions etc. are some of his current working areas. Prior to WeAct, Deep worked with international organisations like Enercon, Bunge, GTZ, Gensol etc. By qualification Deep is an M.S in Energy System Eng. from ‘University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies’ (UPES); he is also a certified CSR Professional and possesses a series of professional Certificates in the field of Climate & Sustainability.


Eva ChanFinance Manager

Eva is a qualified CPA. She has 8 years of accounting experience gained within the environmental markets and aviation sectors. During her time in the aviation industry, she learned first hand about the need to better manage natural resources and the sector’s increasing impact on climate change. Eva’s role, which encompasses financial management, reporting and compliance, allows her to combine her interest in accounting with her passion for protecting the environment. Eva holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting Studies from Swinburne University.

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