Australian Carbon Credit Units


ACCU Market

WeAct works with Australian plantation forestry and mine owners to develop projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). The ERF is a $2.5bn government fund that provides incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.

WeAct works with clients to develop and register emission reduction projects under ERF approved methodologies. These projects generate one Australian Carbon Credit Unit or ACCU for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent reduced by the project.

WeAct works on behalf of the client to monetise their ACCUs. The ACCUs are contracted and sold to the ERF or sold into the secondary market to generate a carbon revenue stream.

ERF Project Development

Contact WeAct to learn more about developing an ERF project and participating in the ACCU market.

We can work with you to:

  • Prepare a project feasibility study
  • Develop and register the project under an ERF approved methodology
  • Run the project in accordance with the ERF approved methodology
  • Report on the project and ensure that it is audited when required
  • Apply to the Regulator for ACCU issuance
  • Monetise ACCUs in the ERF or secondary market to generate a carbon revenue stream

Commercial Outcomes

WeAct is an integrated carbon project developer and trading desk working across the full value chain of the Australian ACCU market.

We work with clients to develop emission reduction projects that generate a stream of ACCUs over the project’s multi-year crediting period.

The resulting stream of ACCUs can be contracted and sold to the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund or sold into the secondary market to generate a carbon revenue stream.

Alternatively, ACCUs can be held in a company’s registry account to be surrendered to the Government at a later date, to acquit a liability should their emissions exceed Safeguard Mechanism baselines.

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