Voluntary Offsets

Voluntary Carbon Offsets


Voluntary Carbon Market

WeAct has a strong presence in the voluntary carbon market. We supply the full range of offsets accredited under Australia’s National Carbon Offset Standard, including offsets from the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard.

WeAct was selected to the panel supplying voluntary carbon offsets towards the City of Melbourne’s Zero Net Emissions Strategy. Melbourne is part of the C40 global network of cities committed to addressing climate change and has set an ambitious target to become carbon neutral by 2020.

WeAct is also active in supplying voluntary carbon offsets to buyers in Europe and North America.

Voluntary Carbon Buyers

The signing of the Paris Agreement has increased awareness of climate change. Businesses are increasingly adopting internal emission reduction targets, reducing emissions where they are able and purchasing voluntary carbon offsets to bridge the gap.

WeAct has sold carbon offsets to voluntary buyers across a number of sectors including:

  • Airlines and airports
  • Power companies
  • Banks
  • Local governments
  • Other carbon trading desks

Voluntary Carbon Projects

WeAct manages a diverse portfolio of voluntary carbon offset projects from a range of countries, methodologies and offset standards.

Combining environmental, social, health and economic co-benefits, our voluntary carbon projects include:

  • Clean cookstove projects
  • Community-based biodigester projects
  • Small scale hydro projects
  • Afforestation projects

Contact WeAct to learn more about our project portfolio and how purchasing voluntary carbon offsets can benefit your business.

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